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"Marie Madison has spent the last decade crafting near cult-status masterpieces with great camera work and outrageous plots."

                                                        - Wright Williams / DVD Empire

Her History


Marie Madison started her professional career in 2001 with the release of "Smoke Junkies", a film she wrote, directed and starred in.


In 2005 she set her sights on feature film production with the release of "FURY", the critically acclaimed 'female revenge fantasy' that put her firmly on the map as a producer to be reckoned with.


In 2007, she co-wrote and produced "Virgin Pockets" which Billiards Digest called "Pool's Chick Flick" and went on to win "Best Dramatic Comedy" at the 2007 Indie Gathering Film Festival.


In 2009 she partnered with GMD Films to form Maddy G Productions and launched the broadcast television network MaddyGTV.


She has sinced produced dozens of films and television shows for both her own network MaddyGTV as well as a host of other independent cable television and streaming networks including
The CW, Discovery, and VH1. 


In 2014, MaddyGTV began broadcasting on the Roku Network, the largest streaming platform in the United States reached close to 10 Million connected televisions.

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