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"Looks like a million bucks. Shows someone who has a craft
to series work. You're going to think you're watching Cable TV..."

(About "WISP") Thomas Gleba /


"Gorman has a sense of 3D that is better than most of what
is coming out of Hollywood these days."

(About "Blood of Ohma 3D") /


FURY                               Horror / Thriller             Writer / Director                         GMD Films
Virgin Pockets             Comedy                            Writer / Director                         GMD Films

Chasing Darkness      Horror / Action               Director of Photography        Snowdog Studio

House of Bedlam       Horror / Thriller              Writer / Director                        GMD Films

The Four                       Horror / Action               Assistant Director                      Snowdog Studio

Blood of Ohma           Horror / Thriller              Director / Stereographer        GMD Films

Krampus                       Horror / Action               Second Unit Director               Snowdog Studio

The Christmas Devil 

Television Series

Inked in Erie                    Reality / Tattoo                      I AM TV Media

WISP                                  Crime  Drama                         I AM TV Media

The Erie Explosion         Sports Docu-Series              I AM TV Media

Television Specials
Filming Formats

High Definition


Stereoscopic 3D Acquisition


Panasonic HVX Series Cameras

Post Production

Sony Vegas Pro

Adobe After Effects

Color Grading

Special Digital Effects

Sound Mixing

Dolby Surround Encoding


Race Night at Lake Erie Speedway      Sports Documentary         Creator / Director        I AM TV Media

Rockin' Tonight 2008:                               Concert Film                         Director                          Maddy G Productions

The Friction Reunion Concert

Things That Go Bump in The Night    Ghost Hunting / Reality     Director                          Maddy G Productoins

Heaven Knows It's Real                          Paranormal                            Director                          New Hope Ministries


Web Series

Regarding Jenny              Adult Comedy             Producer / DOP                      Maddy G Productions

It's A Tasha Thing            Adult Comedy             Producer / DOP                      Maddy G Productions

Virgin Pockets                  Sports Comedy           Writer / Director                     I AM TV Media

Pole Positions                  Adult Comedy             Co-Writer/ Co-Director         Snowdog Studio

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