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Custom ROKU Channel Development

Your Own Channel on the Biggest Television

Streaming Network in the World. 


Welcome to Broadcasting. 

Put Your Content To Work
         On Your Own TV Channel


  Whatever your genre is, if you're running a successful
Youtube Channel, Web Series, or Indie Film Studio, Roku offers

a Massive new audience of Viewers. 





  These are millions of TV and Movie fans who are internet connected and want to watch their entertainment on the coach. 

  It's an opportunity to gain a valuable television audience that was previously unavailable outside the 'Hollywood' Cable & TV System. 

And the demographic is tuned in. 

A New Way to Monetize Your Content

      While Gaining Brand New                                             Customers & Fans. 

  You've invested a lot of money and time into producing your content, so let your content work for you.

   We have standing contracts with the top Advertising Agencies in the Streaming TV Market to deliver national advertising to your channel without requiring you to sell a single thing.

   With each view on your channel, National Advertisers PAY YOU to show their commercial! And unlike Youtube (Google AdSense) you can't 'Skip' the advertising, so you get paid for every view.

   In addition, your channel is capable of displaying your own sponsors or your own promotions. Even promote your own programming. You have 100% control over what you broadcast.


Millions of people are "Cutting the Cord" on
Cable and joining the ROKU Revolution!  


  With 75% of ALL TELEVISION VIEWERS using Streaming Television, and over 

12 Million ROKU players in homes, the audience watching Streaming TV 

is nearly as large as Cable and Broadcast viewers combined. 


  As Roku has emerged as the leading Streaming TV Platform, their open source broadcast platform means - quite literally - anyone with the know how and the technical ability can create their own Roku Channel and Broadcast on the largest Streaming TV Platform - in front of MILLIONS of viewers. 


  Pretty cool, huh? 

It's easier, and more affordable

                       than you think. 

We're a One Stop Solution. 


Channel Design.

Video Encoding / Hosting

Monetizing & Management


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